Brand designer

Brand building through intention and creative problem solving: I specialize in composing the voice of a brand. This involves me in visuals, copywriting, marketing, communications and brand development – which I have executed on a local, national and international level.

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Design differentiates one message from another, shapes audience perceptions, influences knowledge and defines our visual landscape.

It is too important to leave in the hands of just anyone.

creative communicator

Through formal education and 20+ years experience I have curated a distinctive set of skills which propel strong communication: copywriting, design,  broadcasting, project management, and public speaking.


I am a strong believer in the Socratic teaching method, and this desire to share knowledge, insight and open up new paths for others influences my graphic design and communications practice.

I am an architect of educational and informational outcomes at different levels and creator of stimulating and meaningful  instructional deliveries.

artist + visual thinker

I explore ideas, stories, objects and experiences through multimedia collage, photomontage, painting, digital graphic artwork + pattern.

You can find my artwork at the 13-Birds blog as well as for sale through my Society6 store (art prints, industrial design, home decor and stationary.)

13-Birds store


I am a licensed TAC Tea Certified Sommelier™ Professional with a long history steeped in tea culture, appreciation and experience working with Canadian food brands.


paper. thread. paint. tea. ink.

13-birds is the manifestation of my passion for art, tea, words and exploration.

@13birdsstuff | 13-birds

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