Colourful threads

It is remarkable to think about how much effort it takes to turn plants into textile. And then the amount of design and effort it takes to turn these colourful printed sheets into something entirely new.

Automatic art direction

Some people can’t help but art direct everything. Even placing apples on a plate results in something that makes you smile.

Agree to disagree

We are never going to agree with anyone wholeheartedly with regards to design. And we really shouldn’t. We should listen to as many different voices as we can – hear what they have to say, and why they believe it.

Our own design philosophy is constantly evolving through our influences, aesthetics and experiences.

Intentional design

Whether a grid is used, or rules are followed (or broken), or any particular technique is employed – great design always comes from intention. A designer must understand the message first, and then make every choice with the purpose of expressing that message.

Design is design

Design is design. Regardless of whether it is a poster, a city sewer system, a fork or a building, at it’s heart design utilizes the tools of form, scale and materials across usability and context to create a specific experience for a user.